HE is the danfo driver, the pure-water hawker, the okada man; He is your driver, your cook, your domestic help, your waste collector. He is you traffic warden, your estate security guard, He is your neighbor; he is your friend.
This man or woman is all around us. Sometimes a nuisance, other times, a blessing. He has the potential to be great but lacks guidance and someone to care enough and be patient enough to teach him, groom him and educate him. And that's where we come in...
The Candlelight Foundation is a Nonprofit soup kitchen that caters to the homeless, needy and the "working poor" within the Surulere area (and eventually all over Nigeria). We operate out of 39 Oyekan Road Off Ogunlana Drive The Candlelight Foundation was born out of sheer empathy for "this man". It's terrifying how many people work yet do not earn enough to eat. it is our strong belief that IF "this man" is assured of at least a meal a day for him and his dependents, he is able to redirect energy wasted worrying about food to something more productive.The change Nigeria hopes for and requires starts in the mind of each Nigerian and we hope to begin this long journey of correcting the mindset of Nigerians by touching as many as meet us through our meals, our classes, counseling, and giveaways.
The ripple effect of saving one soul is infinite. While its unrealistic to say that all who receive and outstretched arm will make good of it, if there is a possibility that even one does, then the work we do is worth it.
So, who are we? We are a ray of hope, an outstretched arm; We are the light in the darkness and we are here to make a difference!


To Improve the thinking capacity and productivity of the chronically and working poor by improving the nourishment of the body


To repair and replenish a Nigerian workforce one stomach at a time; leading to a more effective state, individually and economically.


We provide a hot meal to anybody who walks through our doors. We open our doors to everyone on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Team